Whether you have an entire collection, or just a few items, give us a call!

Andreas & Associates has several on-staff experts in this category, and we conduct several Military & Firearms-specific auctions each year.

Some of items that we have sold in 2012 include:

  • WWII Japanese Uniform w/jacket, arm band, and cap; $675
  • Nazi marked P-38 Pistol/Holster; $910
  • M1A1; Paratrooper version with folding stock; $1,700
  • Spencer Carbine Mod. 1860/1865; $1,750
  • Confederate officer’s Sword belt/buckle; $3,500
  • Browning 1919A4 & Tripod; $3,500
  • GAR Souvenir Canteen; $200

Scott Andreas & John Krohn are your go-to guys! When not busy researching collections for our clients, Scott & John are busy doing such diverse things as WWII re-enacting (you may have seen them at the Memorial Day event at Camp Dodge), or visiting elementary & Jr. High school history classrooms.

All firearms are sold through our associated FFL dealer (a retired law enforcement officer), with background checks conducted, so you may rest assured that they will find good homes.