Whether you are downsizing your own collection, or (as we have found often happens) you have discovered a collection in the Estate of a family member, we are ready to help!

Andreas & Associates conducts from six to eight Coin & Currency-specific auctions per year. It is important to have someone go through your collection carefully, as although Silver Dollars may LOOK similar, they can range in value from $35 to six figures! Did you know that there are several pennies that often sell for well over $1,000 even in marginal condition?

We were recently cataloging a large collection from an Estate, when we found a note taped to one of the boxes which said: I spent 40 years collecting these coins, please find someone who will spend 40 hours going through them!

Give us a call today to set up an appointment with Scott!

Some highlights from our recent sales:

  • 1937 Antietam Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS65 $600
  • Peace Dollar Set in Book $1,300
  • Complete Set of Carson City Morgan Dollars $3,700
  • Set of Buffalo Nickels in Collector Board $650
  • 1928 $20 Gold Piece $1,950
  • 1894 Morgan Dollar $2,500