Andreas & Associates offers reasonable rates and many potential buyers for nearly any type of vehicle. At a well-advertised auction, you may expect to realize somewhere between trade & retail (depending on condition) if you have visited one of the more popular car values websites.

Often, with lower-mileage vehicles or very popular models, we exceed the retail price…at times by 10% or more! We also have a very strong market for motorcycles, ATV’s, recreational vehicles, and boats.

Auctions are an excellent sales venue for these types of items, because they allow multiple potential new owners to get a good look at the vehicle in person prior to placing a bid. Why guess on an asking price when the buyers will set it for you? We occasionally recommend a reasonable reserve price (below which an item will not sell) on vehicles….however, it rarely comes into play.

Collector Cars are always very popular at auction. Once again, we recommend a reasonable reserve price, but professional marketing will ensure a successful sale. We also have great results with un-restored barn discoveries & vintage vehicle parts.